Best Trailer Hitch For Ford Escape: Top ford escape tow hitch [2023]

If towing is one of the main reasons for buying your car, choosing the best trailer hitch for ford escape will protect your vehicle and cargo from being hauled.

Many people choose to buy SUVs and trucks for various family purposes, several trailer types have become common on the road, especially during the summer holidays.

Driving or towing larger on rough roads or terrains comes with several challenges, but a reliable trailer hitch can convincingly offer a comfortable ride by eliminating the sway.

We use this paper to discuss two trailer hitches, so ensure you read this review and guide to ensure you make the right purchasing decision.


What is the best trailer hitch for ford escape?

CURT 12060 Class 2 is the top-rated hitch Ford Escape enthusiasts can acquire from the current auto parts market.

Based on reviews, almost all customers enjoy all aspects of this trailer hitch.

All customers found that trailer hitch installation is more straightforward since CURT 12060 Class 2 comes with custom settings for every vehicle model year.

It takes about 35 minutes to install this handsomely designed trailer hitch on your vehicle for towing stability and strength.

CURT 12060 is a convenient and dependable trailer hitch, allowing towing of up to 3500 lbs. or moderate cargo sizes.

Most customers will definitely like this product due to its versatility and ability to eliminate swaying as you ride through rough terrain.

What is the best brand for ford escape trailer hitches?

CURT is a leading auto part brand in manufacturing quality hitches.

CURT’s trailer hitch is specifically designed to fit a particular vehicle model year; thus, seamless integration and convenient connection for an enjoyable adventure.

The custom receiver hitches have a co-cured Bonderite finish for maximum rust resistance and double black powder coating for enhanced durability.

Also, this brand makes over 1000 trailer hitch models of different classes (1 to 5), and they offer various weight capacities.

Before releasing products into the market, CURT undertakes rigorous testing on all manufactured trailer hitches to ensure safety and quality performance.

Best Trailer Hitch For Ford Escape Review

01. CURT Class II Trailer Hitch- 12060


Highlighted features

  • Co-cured with rust-resistant Bonderite
  • Durable black powder coating
  • Solid welded steel
  • Towing capacity: 3500 lbs. GTW and 350 lbs. TW
  • Custom vehicle-specific design

Are you going for a family camping adventure or hauling a fishing boat to a new hotspot?

Well, CURT 12060 Class 2 is the best trailer hitch for ford escape for towing small or light-duty cargos such as campers and mini-trailers.

Moreover, Class 2 trailer hitches are typically used in full-size trucks, minivans, or crossovers.

Since all CURT hitches come in vehicle-specific custom design, this tower is no different since it is made to fit in specific vehicle model years.

Custom-fit design ensures that the trailer hitch offers maximum dependable hauling strength, seamless integration, and straightforward installation.

The CURT 12060 Class 2 trailer hitch is designed to fit Mazda, Ford, and Mercury’s specific model years.

We recommend that you carefully read the user manual to verify compatibility before making a purchasing decision.

CURT 12060 Class 2 trailer hitch is rated with towing capacity of 3500 lbs. gross trailer weight (GTW) and tongue weight of up to 350 lbs.

This weight carrying capacity makes CURT 12060 Class 2 a perfect trailer hitch option for towing small-size RV (recreational vehicle) trailer or camper, boat, and many more within the rating.

It presents an opportunity for adding storage space on your Ford Escape by hitching up a bike rack or carrier.

Like all other CURT custom receiver hitches, this Class 2 hitch undergoes thorough testing based on SAE J684 safety standards to ensure performance and longevity.

A highly versatile product comes with a receiver hitch of 1.25″ × 1.25”; thus, allowing various towing applications.

CURT 12060 Class 2 is constructed using strong steel then dual-coated with a rust-, chip-, and UV-resistant Bonderite to maximumly protect the product since it is always exposed in the open during towing.

Also, this trailer hitch is submersed in an A-coat liquid and black powder for durability. This trailer hitch is all you need for excellent towing strength and stability.


  • It is thoroughly tested for safety.
  • Durable
  • Easy installation; custom-fit
  • A perfect option for mini-trailers and RV vehicles
  • More strength and stability
  • Easy cleaning


  • Installation manual not clear
  • Not compatible with weight distribution hitch

02. CURT Class 3 Trailer Hitch- 13186


Best features

  • High-strength steel material
  • Weight distribution compatibility
  • 3500 lbs. GTW & 350 lbs. TW towing capacity
  • Vehicle-specific design
  • 2-inch hitch receiver tube
  • Co-curing finish
  • Durable glossy black powder

CURT class 3 hitches are designed with high versatility, offering a wide range of towing applications; they can be used in full-size vehicles, crossovers, light-duty trucks, or SUVs.

Generally, class 3 trailer hitches are best-suited for towing fishing boats, campers or RV vehicles, and many more.

With CURT 13186  hitch, you can tow up to 3500 lbs. gross towing weight (GTW) and 350 lbs. tongue weight (TW) at a time.

This trailer hitch is compatible with 2013-2019 Ford Escape models.

Interestingly, CURT 13186 Class 3 works well with a weight-distribution hitch to offer more strength and towing stability, distributing weight at 5000 lbs. WD and 500 lbs. WDTW rating.

This trailer hitch comes with a 2″ receiver tube that accepts ball-mounting and other necessary hitch accessories of relevant measurement.

It comes with the requirements and hardware for safe and easy installation.

Sometimes installing hitches is challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Therefore, it is advisable to get a helping hand from a skilled individual nearby to get you through the hitch installation process.

Just like other CURT hitches, this product is handsomely coated with glossy black powder for durability and dipped in a rust-resistant A-coat liquid.

The inside and out finishing ensures maximum resistance against rust, chip, and UV rays on the trailer hitch.

Aside, the well-welded steel hitch is designed using both on-hand engineering and sophisticated machinery to ensure efficiency.

The CURT 13186 Class 3 trailer hitch also undergoes rigorous testing using real vehicles in real adventurous conditions, adhering to the SAE J684 safety protocols to ensure customers acquire a more dependable product an enjoyable towing experience.

This solid-designed piece of equipment can easily change the way you interact with your Ford Escape when hauling a utility trailer.

The primary CURT goal is to offer customers sturdy, safe, and easy-to-install products, and this Class 3 trailer hitch boasts all those traits.

CURT manufactures a range of trailer hitches, and we feel the 13186 product is best suited for your Ford Escape, but you need to double-check on the vehicle’s model years compatible with this hitch before getting on the road.


  • Durable and sturdy design (carbon steel material)
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Affordable package
  • Longevity (resistance to damage-causing elements)
  • Convenient weight carrying capacity
  • Versatile trailer hitch: various towing applications
  • The receiver tube is open for easy cleaning.
  • Overall great trailer hitch for 2013-2019 Ford Escape models


  • It takes time to install for new users.

Buying Considerations of Trailer Hitch For Ford Escape

Whether you are taking a vacation or doing towing business for others, you may need extra space for your Ford Escape.

In that case, you may need to get the best trailer hitch for ford escape for towing a utility trailer or bike rack to get the job done.

Although choosing the right hitch for your vehicle may not seem challenging like other auto parts, it is essential to double-check on certain features and the vehicle compatibility to get the perfect fit for your Ford Escape.

Trailer hitch types and tow capacity

Many brands in the automotive industry manufacture various trailer hitch types of different classes.

Trailer hitches are generally manufactured in five categories, from Class 1 to Class 5.

The different classes come with different specifications, including towing capacities and application.

Trailer hitches come with a different weight carrying capacities rated from 2000 lbs. to 20000 lbs. The towing capacity ratings are as follows:

Class 1- up to 2000 lbs. gross trailer weight (GTW) for subcompact and compact cars, crossovers, full-size vehicles

Class 2- up to 3500 lbs. GTW: designed for full-size cars and crossovers, minivans, and small trucks and SUVs.

Class 3- from 3500 lbs. to 12000 lbs. GTW: crossovers, minivans, and all types of trucks and SUVs.

Class 4- 8000 to 14000 lbs. GTW: SUVs and large trucks.

Class 5- 16000 to 20000 lbs. GTW: SUVs and large trucks.

Therefore, it is essential to counter-check the vehicle’s specifications when choosing the right towing product.

Each vehicle type and year have specific towing capabilities, and you need to get the perfect trailer hitch for that purpose.

Correct installation

Installing a trailer hitch is not difficult, especially when you have already towed a camper or trailer before.

However, if you are new in the towing business, it is always advisable to carefully read the trailer hitch installation manual for correct and safe set up.

Interestingly, most hitches come with custom fittings for specific vehicles, thus, straightforward installation.

Electrical connections of taillights need to be extended correctly to the trailer and should not interfere with the vehicle’s brake and signal lights.


Vehicle compatibility is another crucial factor when choosing a trailer hitch for your Ford Escape.

As stated in this review, most brands manufacture vehicle-specific trailer hitches, and each product fits in specific vehicle model year(s).

Therefore, ensure you verify the vehicle compatibility when choosing the perfect trailer hitch.

Hitch Accessories

Towing can be more convenient if you get the necessary trailer hitch accessories and add-ons.

These tools are meant to offer more towing convenience along with the trailer hitch.

Standard hitch accessories include a ball mount, towing mirrors, rear observation camera, hitch lock, and many more.

Rust and corrosion resistance

No one would want to get a trailer hitch that only lasts for months.

Trailer hitches are always vulnerable to the damage-causing component on the road since they are usually exposed.

Therefore, it is advisable to get a reliable trailer hitch coated with rust-proof and durable black powder.

Price and Budget

Last but not least, price is even the most crucial factor for making a buying decision.

Trailer hitches come at different prices, but you should spend within your budget.

Make sure you acquire a trailer hitch that will offer great towing value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How should I install a trailer hitch on a Ford Escape?

Answer: Generally, installing trailer hitches is simple.

The only crucial thing is to get the  trailer hitch for ford escape with custom fittings for the respective model year.

The trailer hitch package comes with an installation manual for easy and safe step-by-step set up if that is not enough.

Therefore, read the user manual carefully.

What is the best trailer hitch for my Ford Escape?

Answer: To get the right trailer hitch for your vehicle, start reading this review and buying guide.

Understand your towing requirements and look at the factors to determine the best trailer hitch for your car.

From towing capacity to the proper installation to an individual’s budget, these factors will help you choose the right trailer hitch.

How should I set up the braking system when towing?

Answer: Brake controls are crucial when setting up a tower.

It is recommended to ensure the tow vehicle and trailer have similar brake controls, either manual or electric brakes, to ensure safety and efficiency.

Is it necessary to use say controls?

Answer: Sway controls are unnecessary for effective towing because if the trailer is evenly loaded, you will not experience any sway in normal towing conditions.

What hitch accessories do I need to purchase?

Answer: After hitch installation, several accessories can be used to offer proper towing.

Depending on your towing requirements, you can choose additional tools like sway controls, ball mounts, hitch lock, clips, safety chains, tube covers, wiring harness, and many more.


Trailer hitches are great tools for adding more space to your vehicle, especially when going on a camping adventure, hauling a fishing boat, etc.

But since there are several options on the market, it is crucial to get the best trailer hitch for ford escape.

This guide gives you the fundamental factors for getting the perfect fit for your vehicle. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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