Best Trailer Hitch for Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews In 2023

Installing the best trailer hitch for jeep grand Cherokee in your vehicle guarantees a smooth drive even on rough terrain.

Many people who like traveling and do bush camping understand the importance of trailer hitches.

A trailer hitch is usually attached to a jeep’s chassis, essentially towing a trailer, hauling a boat or plane.

A reliable trailer hitch can eliminate the sway, which is an everyday challenge when driving through bumpy terrain.

But which trailer hitch can offer great value with affordability?

In this article, we will find out the best and most reliable, feature-packed trailer hitch.


What is the best trailer hitch for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

CURT 13182 Class 3 is the best trailer hitch available on the market for Jeep Grand Cherokee enthusiasts.

A durable and reliable trailer hitch will give drivers great value for their money by providing strength and flexibility as they tow through rough terrain.

The trailer hitch fits well in Grand Cherokee, and there are no technical issues while installing the product.

Also, CURT 13182 Class 3 trailer hitch is designed and tested for high-carrying capacity.

Its compatibility with weight distribution hitch is another factor many Jeep Grand Cherokee owners liked, providing more towing stability and 7500 lbs.-weight distribution.

What is the best brand for best trailer hitches for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Currently, CURT is the best brand for trailer hitches in the automotive industry.

We recommend the CURT brand because it offers trailer hitch types with custom fitness for almost every vehicle for smooth integration and dependable connection; thus, fantastic adventure experience.

CURT trailer hitches are handsomely made with co-cured liquid Bonderite finish and powder-coating for durability if that is not enough.

The brand manufactures more than 1000 trailer hitch models with a broader range of weight capacities.

Towing a trailer or your camper is stress-free with a CURT hitch for an enjoyable adventure.

Best Trailer Hitches for Jeep Grand Cherokee- Review

01. CURT Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2” Receiver-13182


Highlighted features

  • Tested to SAE J684 standards
  • Durable and versatile design
  • Reliable strength
  • 2-inch Receiver tube
  • Compatible with several vehicle types, e.g., trailer, pickup trucks, etc.
  • Higher weight capacity
  • It comes with a custom setting for each vehicle model.

Are you driving your family to the campground or hauling equipment from the home store?

Well, whatever the task at hand is, including towing a boat for launching, CURT 13182 Class 3 is the best trailer hitch for jeep grand Cherokee to do the work.

Generally, CURT class 3 trailer hitches are designed to offer enough strength required for serious and various towing functions.

Towing Capacity

Also, this beautiful class 3 hitch undergoes necessary testing (according to SAE (Society for Automotive Engineering) J684 standards to ensure it supports carrying capacity of 6000 lbs. and 600 lbs.

for maximum trailer weight and tongue weight, respectively.

Additionally, Testing based on SAE J684 standards ensures the trailer hitch offers maximum safety while towing or hauling.

Every CURT trailer hitch is impressively designed to work in a specific vehicle, ensuring Jeep Grand Cherokee gets the best fitment and most straightforward installation.

Inclusion of top features

This hitch particularly is convenient and integrates well with the jeep’s factory features for appropriate connection to a trailer.

CURT 13182 class 3 compatibility with weight distribution hitch offers more towing stability and distributes the gross weight of 7500 lbs. and 750 lbs. tongue weight.

CURT 13182 class 3 towing hitch is designed to last long because of the materials used.

It is protected with a dual-coat of rust-proof liquid and a black powder coat for durability.

With the two protective and quality co-cured finishes, the trailer hitch is resistant to rust, chip, and UV.


  • Easy to install
  • Rust-resistant dual-coatings
  • Affordable
  • Convenient trailer hitch
  • More strength and stability


  • The black finish gets scratches.
  • The hitch is not packed in a box; it’s bare on delivery.

02. CURT Class 3 Trailer Hitch-13048, 2” Receiver


Best Features

  • Carbon steel metal
  • Black powder finish (Glossy)
  • Receiver tube of 2 inches
  • SAE J684 testing protocols
  • Compatible with 1993-98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJs
  • Co-cured in A-coat, rust-resistant liquid.

Another tough and versatile class 3 trailer hitch by CURT that is worth investing in.

Like the 13182 model, this class 3 hitch undergoes testing based on the SAE J684 protocols to enhance safety.


This custom class 3 product is a popular receiver hitch type used by pickup trucks and SUV owners.

Since its weight range is convenient, the CURT 13048 class 3 hitch can also be used on full-size cars and minivans.

However, it’s important to note that each CURT trailer hitch is designed to fit in a particular vehicle model, and the class 3 hitch is compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ of specific years.

Therefore, it is always advisable to look at the product manual for application information and verify compatibility before purchasing. Aside, CURT 13048  hitch offers 5000 lbs. and 500 lbs.

Hitch Distribution Capacity

weight carrying capacity for gross trailer weight and tongue weight, respectively.

Interestingly, this hitch works conveniently with weight distribution hitch for eliminating the sway and high weight distribution rating of 8000 lbs. and 800 lbs. for total weight distribution and tongue weight, respectively.

CURT 13048 class 3 hitch comes with a 2″ receiver tube for supporting ball mount or other necessary hitch accessories.

These CURT trailer hitches are mainly designed with quality aspects being the priority.

Tis particular hitch is dipped in A-coat liquid and co-cured with gloss black powder coat for maximum resistance against rust and UV rays.

Whether you like camping or off-roading, expect reliability and more strength with the CURT 13048  trailer hitch.

It is compatible with the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ of the years 1993 to 1998.

Achieve all your hauling needs with a CURT brand hitch that offers more towing stability and strength, and have an enjoyable driving experience.


  • High-quality or heavy-duty material
  • Custom fittings for easy installment
  • Various towing applications
  • Well-built and simple product
  • More towing strength


  • Installation guide not clear
  • Poor packaging

How We Picked Trailer Hitch for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Several brands, types, and sizes of hitches are available on the market, and choosing the trailer hitch for jeep grand Cherokee is sometimes challenging.

There are no universal “towers”; therefore, it is advisable to check fitment specifications and keep in mind the vehicle model when choosing a trailer hitch.

But what are the things to pay attention to in a trailer hitch?

Well, we have discussed the most critical factors to consider when buying a trailer hitch.

Weight carrying capacity and Cargo weight

Trailer hitches come with various towing capacities, and it is vital to know how much weight the tower you like can carry.

The hitch class can be used to determine the towing capacity.

The trailer hitches come in five classes; class 1 has 2000 lbs. gross towing weight and is designed to suit small vehicles, while class 5 can handle any serious towing of up to 18000 lbs. and are designed for SUVs and more giant trucks.

Besides, it’s also essential to know the type of cargo and weight to be towed.

Are you hauling a mini-camper, boat, mini-trailer, or full-size truck?

Getting an answer to this question will help you to choose the best trailer hitch and hitch receiver tube well-suited to your needs.

Additional Accessories

Additional hitch accessories are necessary for meeting towing requirements.

Hitch-mounting and cargo management accessories are common, but you can choose depending on your needs.

Other essential accessories include wiring harness, ball mount, hitch lock, etc.

Rust-resistant protection

A trailer hitch is a vulnerable accessory for a Jeep since it is always exposed out in the open.

It is usually installed underneath the vehicle and get exposed to all damaging components on the road.

Therefore, it needs to be protected against rust-causing and corrosive elements.

Mud, debris, sun rays, and other foreign elements can damage it within no time.

It’s advisable to know how to maintain a trailer hitch to ensure it remains strong to offer more towing stability.

A reliable trailer hitch must be coated with a corrosion- and rust-resistant substance like the black powder or co-cured with A-coat liquid.

Hitch type

There are three types of hitches available in the automotive markets.

The most common type of hitches among drivers is the standard trailer hitch receivers.

Regular hitch receivers are very common among drivers because they are user friendly and can support average weights.

They are also easy to install by only attaching the receiver to the jeep’s frame.

Second, on the list are the gooseneck hitches that handles considerable weights.

They are not supported in SUVs, are attached to the truck’s bed, and installation takes time and requires skills.

Lastly, the bumper (links to the car bumper) trailer hitches offer modest towing capacity, but it takes time and effort to install.


You are responsible for ensuring that the trailer hitch and receiver are appropriately attached to the vehicle.

Break and signal lights’ connection must be appropriately made when you are towing a trailer.

The installation should not interfere with the jeep’s electrical systems; therefore, it is imperative to have a power adapter for protecting electrical connections in the vehicle.


The most determining factor during any purchase is the individual’s budget and product’s price.

No one would want to spend hard-earned money on a substandard item, and most low-quality products come at relatively low prices.

If your budget is small, choose a trailer hitch that will give value to your money.

Meanwhile, if the budget is big enough, invest in a quality product that will provide a bang for your bucks.

However, do not spend money you’ve not planned to invest in a trailer hitch; follow your budget effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions of Jeep Trailer Hitches

How do I know the type of trailer hitch I need?

Answer: As we have stated earlier, there are many trailer hitch options in the market, and determining the right one is quite challenging, especially if you are a new customer.

If you are looking for the best trailer hitch for jeep grand Cherokee, you must consider reading our review and buying guide to know the hitch suited for your needs.

Understand all the essential factors for choosing a trailer hitch, including weight carrying capacity, quality, and many more, as discussed above.

Those factors and vehicles model will help you determine the right trailer hitch for your needs.

What are the necessary accessories do I need with a trailer hitch?

Answer: Accessories are essential tools to enhance the trailer hitch’s usability and capability.

Some necessary items are usually purchased with the trailer hitch, and they include mount balls, weight distribution system, wiring harness, hitch locks, sway control device, and many more.

These accessories ensure you get the most out of your trailer hitch while towing.

Do I need to know about wiring?

Answer: Latest Jeep models come with a computer operated LED lights, and during towing, electrical connections or wiring should be isolated from the cargo or trailer.

You need to determine the best wiring kit for towing purposes by first knowing the trailer’s power options.

What is the importance of brake controls in towing?

Answer: The brake system is an essential factor in towing.

Tow vehicle and trailer must have a standard brake system; therefore, if the trailer uses electric brakes, then the tow vehicle must have them installed before towing.

However, choices are different depending on the weight and size of the car.


Whether you are on a family camping adventure or off-road driving, a trailer hitch can be useful.

Trailer hitch ensures hauling and towing of campers is hassle-free, and no professional skills are required to use it.

However, there are many auto market options, and you need to get the best trailer hitch for jeep grand Cherokee for more strength and towing stability.

We hope our review and buying guide can help you to make the right decision. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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